Frederiksberggade 12, København K

Very visible location on Strøget


The lease has a very visible location on Strøget and enjoys Copenhagen's largest footfall. For many years the area has been characterized as the less-exclusive, younger part of Strøget with a
close location to the Copenhagen Town Hall, Tivoli and the Central Station.

With neighbours such as JD, Ecco, Créme Fraiche, Lagkagehuset, Jack&Jones, Flying Tiger of Copenhagen and New Yorker, the lease enjoys good and attractive neighbours,
which will be a strength for future tenants.

The footfall on Frederiksberggade is about to increase even further with the opening of the new Metro Station in the middle of 2019.

The large window facades towards Strøget (Frederikberggade) provide optimal display opportunities for a future tenant and allow daylight to enter the retail premises. The lease's quadratic and spacious layout and the good ceiling height make the lease easily adaptable to most sales activities. Since the previous columns and installations were removed, the lease has good visibility throughout the lease.

This regular layout combined with the high ceiling means that the store can be used for a variety of purposes such as coffee shop/restaurants* as well as retail space. There is a wide pedestrian only area in front of the store which can be used to attract potential customers to the letting. At the rear of the shop there are a few steps down to a hallway to a spacious basement as well as a staircase up to the bright staff facilities which include a toilet and a small kitchenette. The landlord has 2 different solutions for improved access to the basement for storage of larger items.

The property is covered by the Act on the promotion of Energy saving buildings.
Valid energy mark of 16.01.2018 is available with the character C.
  • Total area: 286 m² - 229 m² sales area and 57 m² basement
  • The lease has a very visible location on Strøget
  • Close location to the Copenhagen Town Hall, Tivoli and the Central Station
  • The lease has a regular shape and is easy to arrange
  • Annual rent: kr. 3.400.000,- including operating costs


Leje kr. 3.400.000
Areal 286 m2
Sagsnr. 287420
Adresse Frederiksberggade 12
1459 København K